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How To Using c99 and r57 Shell

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i’m not a website hacker, i just play with Local Area or Wireless Area Network but sometimes i feel want to try it. i have tried to hack several web or forum. some of success and many of them failed(the site has been pached) ( . so based of my nOOb skill of website hacker so i make an introduction post. because i’ll just want to review the one of well known hacker script c99 and r57. i get some good literatur, i will write how to use this script and even i will write how to fight back against this script. and of course i haven’t use this script . may be i’ll try after get the lastest RFI hole from a site.

there are variative way to do a penetration. moreover like i said from my last post almost every day at many security-related forums announce the lastest bug and hole from the Local or or the Remote one. may be this the one most favorit script. it called c99, c99 is a shell script that can use BSD function.c99 use C programming language and create based on C iso at 1999 so it called c99.

and r57 is basicly it same like c99 script but it better at joomla site. ok. now how to use this script it has some preparation action. first you have to upload the scripts. or use my option . just use this dork to find uploaded c99.txt or r57.txt


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